Opening Plenary Speaker Nicole Bromley

Nicole Braddock Bromley is a survivor of child sexual abuse and an international advocate on sexual abuse and exploitation. She has authored 4 books, produced 2 films and is co-host of the OneVOICE Podcast. In 2012, Nicole went undercover to the brothels of Cambodia, where she met with child sex slaves and helped them tell their stories for an international film project. In 2014, she founded a non-profit OneVOICE4freedom that stops child sex slavery around the world through prevention education and care for the world’s most vulnerable children and families. In 2020, Nicole launched UNLEASH, an 8-week e-course for healing from sexual abuse along with a live online support community for survivors, and she leads their weekly meetings. For 22 years, Nicole has traveled extensively as a voice of awareness, prevention, hope and healing to some of the most vulnerable populations around the world, as well as to some of the most prestigious universities, companies and conferences. 
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