The Champion for Children Conference

Champion for Children mission is to design a 2-day Conference to energize and mobilize people to put into action ideas that will improve the lives of abused children in our communities and to provide leadership on child abuse issues.

The Annual Statewide Champion for Children Conference March 20th and 21st 2019 will be held in Abilene Texas. Our Theme this year will be We're All In! The two-day interdisciplinary conference will explore key themes related to resiliency in children and their families. This will include a focus on: Concepts and theories of resiliency in children and families across cultures, interventions that help build resiliency in children and families, including prevention and treatment, research methods and findings from the study of resiliency across cultures and contexts. This conference will be of interest to law enforcement, clinicians, medical support nurses, family workers, social workers, therapists, educators, child advocates, youth workers, community workers and people form the voluntary sector. Attendees will be able to share their work and ideas regarding factors that are critical to the child and family health, well-being and resilience. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and integrate the latest work and ideas involving resiliency theory, research and practice. It will reflect a wider discourse that will include solution-focused and various therapy perspectives. Presenters will follow the themes: Resilience and Cultural Issues- the Young Child- Family Work – Mental Health/Well-Being, Vulnerable Children/Young People – Education – Post-modern Perspectives and Research Methodologies and Legal Case studies. Our Second Day will also include a focus on Infant and Toddler Resiliency and care.


Convey your commitment to children!

If you're looking to support the 20th Annual Champion for Children Conference "We're All In!" and/or have a booth please get in touch with us.