Champion for Children Planning Committee

The purpose of this Champion for Children Conference Planning Committee is to help maximize the quality of the Annual Child Abuse Awareness Conference and providing feedback on how to handle high-level policy decisions and ways to engage agencies and other stakeholders about upcoming changes.


The co-chairs, secretary and grassroots committee chairs are the primary assigned roles. Other Planning Committee members are not called out specifically, but are assumed to be regular attendees at meetings to understand various perspectives and concerns from stakeholders and be an integral part of critical decisions and discussions when required.


The co-chairs are assigned members of the C4C Planning Committee, selected by the C4C Planning Committee. Their primary responsibilities are to facilitate C4C Planning Committee meetings, and work in collaboration with Planning C4C Planning Committee members to ensure that issues and decisions are addressed to meet timelines. They will also serve as the spokespersons regarding decisions and/or recommendations to the Planning Committee.

Committee Chairs (Advisory)

Speakers Committee, Lunch/Hospitality Committee, Volunteer Committee, Public Relations Committee, IT/Web/ Social Media Committee, Vendor Committee, Evaluation/ Credential Committee will be assigned to the Advisory C4C Planning Committee. His/her responsibilities include supporting the facilitation of meetings and supporting the co-chairs to address important policy and process topics. Additionally, they will provide coordination of resources and research support to the Planning Committee, as necessary, for the creation of conference program, resources and products. This includes coordination between subject matter experts, members of the Planning Committee, and other Champion for Children Planning Committee.


One planning committee member at each meeting should be tasked with capturing and recording a summary of the meeting, decision points, recommendations, issues, questions, etc. This role does not have to be performed by the same person every time. At the first meeting, the co-chairs will select a recorder and if the person filling the role is expected to change, members of the C4C Planning Committee will be responsible for coordinating with the chair and vice chair.


The following guidelines should be used in support of conducting the Advisory C4C Planning Committee meetings.

Frequency and length

The co-chairs will determine frequency and length of meetings, in coordination with C4C Conference Planning Committee.

Scheduling & logistics

The C4C Conference Planning Committee has conference room space available at Natural Food Center, Abilene Texas. The C4C Conference Planning Committee can work with to the co-chairs to schedule meetings at this location. Conference call and webinar services can also be made available through the co-chairs, and can be arranged by the reporter and co-chairs. If another meeting location is more convenient for the co-chairs and most members in the C4C Planning Committee, that is an option and the responsibility for coordinating logistics will be left to the C4C Planning Committee.


Members may attend in person or via telephone. At the first meeting, members will decide if it is acceptable for members to assign a proxy if they unable to attend a meeting.


Meetings will be facilitated by the co-chairs.

Agendas and meeting materials

The co-chairs will be responsible for sending agenda topics and any other meeting materials to the C4C Conference Planning Committee at least 48 hours before each meeting. C4C Co-Chairs will be responsible for posting to the C4C website.

Contact Information

The C4C Conference Planning Committee will maintain contact information and distribution lists for each of the Advisory C4C Planning Committee members. The staff liaison(s) will support distribution of communications and/or materials.

Term Limits

C4C Planning Committee members shall serve a minimum term of one year, and may continue as long as enthusiastic and employer/agency allows. If a member of the C4C Planning Committee leaves, the C4C Committee will recommend a new member who represents the type of organization or interest that the departing member represented.

Interactions with C4C Planning Committee

The C4C Conference Planning Committee assigned to the Advisory C4C Planning Committee will be the C4C Planning Committee’s primary point of contact. The co-chairs will help ensure that the team is addressing the necessary items that must be resolved to meet the C4C  timelines.

The co-chairs will be responsible for delivering meeting report-outs to the Board, and making presentations to the Board that include any recommendations, questions, or different perspectives on topics discussed during meetings.

Interactions with the Public

C4C Planning Committee meetings are open to the public and agendas will include time for public comment. Comments from the public should also be noted in the summary of each meeting.

Interactions with the Media

If any C4C Planning Committee members are approached by the media for comment, please forward the request to Media chair.

The Planning Committee

Lori Bunton - Regional Victim Crisis Center

Shaun Bustillos - Regional Victim Crisis Center

Chasity Williams - Regional Victim Crisis Center

Janna Atkins - West Central Texas Council of Governments

​Melissa Milliorn - ​Hardin-Simmons University

Diana Hall - ​Hardin-Simmons University

Donald Dolton - Pathways Youth and Family Services

Carl Leake - Betty Hardwick Center

Melanie Copeland - Zarrow Foundation

Lindsey Morris - TX Dept. of Family and Protective Services

Mia Parker - TX Dept. of Family and Protective Services

Rosie Rodriguez - Region XIV Education Service Center

Det. Erin Bennett - Abilene Police Department

Lt. Joe Tauer - Abilene Police Department

Det. John Graham - Taylor County Sheriff’s Office

Carley Martinez - Noah Project

Cynthia Diane Bradley - RVCC/Community

Syd Simonton - RVCC/Community

Karen LaBrenz - LaBrenz Event Planning

Megan Harbin - Methodist  Children’s Home

Lee Reid - NCMEC & Red Cross Representative

Samantha Manske - Mental Health America Abilene

Andrea Cruce - Superior Health

LaKiesha White - ARCADA

Alice DeLaGarza - New Horizons

Buff Bustillos - Photography

Susie Striegler RN - Hendrick Health Services

Pam Sites - Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau

Sandra Shirley - CASA

Melissa Holmans - Baptist Children and Families